Wandern am Hochkönig
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Welcome to Hochkönig.

Holiday on the Top of Your Emotions.

We wake up on a wonderful vacation day. The sun hasn’t risen yet, only the high summits of Hochkönig & co. are covered with orange light of the morning. After a substantial breakfast we lace our new mountain boots and grab our rucksack from INTERSPORT Maria Alm and we start our adventure by exploring the most beautiful hiking paths and mountain tracks of the region!

Hiker’s Paradise Hochkönig Region

Step by step into the wonderful nature of the mountains. The air is fresh and clean, the buttes rise up and the meadows and forests are verdurous.

We walk along a wonderful hiking path. In total there are over 340 km of marked paths and over 100 different tours to take. The route is well-signposted and it’s easy to orientate ourselves.

When we stop for a bite to eat at one of the mountain restaurants we try self-made products. What a life!

Wandern am Hochkönig

The “That-Tastes-Awesome“ Feeling

The tour goes on and leads us deeper into the alpine landscape. Finally, a rustic alpine hut with a flag in the front comes up on the horizon – not a moment too soon. We are looking forward to a break. Kind people welcome us tired hikers, and present their best and self-made products of the region. CULINARY DELIGHT FROM THE REGION – in the Hochkönig region this is not only a slogan. Try our special dishes such as Bladln, Bauernkrapfen and fresh Kaiserschmarren – that’s how you get back energy for the rest of the way that is still waiting for us.

Jause auf der Alm

Go Digital – Today we hike interactively

You find all wonderful and attractive hiking routes clearly summarized in the interactive hiking map or in the Hochkönig Tourenportal. If you are a real “techie“, you get yourself the Höchkönig Touren app for your smartphone. There you find all kinds of information about your tours and hiking paths of the region. Thanks to the 3D Reality Map you get a very realistic impression of your tour in advance.

Paar am Gipfel

Our TOP 10 Hiking Routes

01. Hike to the Hochkaseralm13,5 kman altitude of 540 mca. 5 hdifficulty level: MIDDLE
02. Klingspitz via Reicheralm16,3 kman altitude of 1,184 mca. 5,5 hdifficulty level: DIFFICULT
03. Hike to the Karbachalm5,4 kman altitude of 346 mca. 1,5 hdifficulty level: EASY
04. Hike Schwarzenbachtal9,1 kman altitude of 676 mca. 4,5 hdifficulty level: MIDDLE
05. Hochkönig “hut-hopper“33,4 kman altitude of 1,860 mca. 14 hdifficulty level: DIFFICULT
06. Bürglalm and Zachhofalm8,3 kman altitude of 300 mca. 3,5 hdifficulty level: MIDDLE
07. Areitalm – Hinterjetzbachalm9,5 kman altitude of 550 mca. 4 hdifficulty level: MIDDLE
08. Natrun Höhenrundweg5,2 kman altitude of 159 mca. 1,5 hdifficulty level: MIDDLE
09. Schneeberg11,6 kman altitude of 900 mca. 6,5 hdifficulty level: DIFFICULT
10. Hinterthal – Schwaiger Willi Weg 4,1 kman altitude of 211 mca. 2 hdifficulty level: EASY

That’s what our expert says:

“Hiking right in front of the impressive limestone walls of Hochkönig. If you love top panorama view and beautiful hiking paths with a super infrastructure, then you definetely have to visit the Hochkönig region. And before you start your hiking holiday, visit us at INTERSPORT Maria Alm because we have the perfect equipment for your days in the mountains of Hochkönig!“

Joeshop manager of INTERSPORT Landal Resort

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