Biking at its best.

Cool Brands and Bike Highlights at the Bike Point Maria Alm

In the summer of 2018, Maria Alm’s first real bike shop opened its doors. At the Bike Point Maria Alm we realize our vision of a perfect bike shop, and all this in the centre of a breath-taking biking area.

Top location, best service and a lot of know-how – a handful of real bike experts welcome you at our Bike Point Maria Alm and introduce you in the world of biking!

Opening hours

Mon-Fri: from 9:00-12:00 to 14:00-18:00
Sat: 9:00-13:00


You are looking for a new bike? Let’s meet at the Bike Point Maria Alm, here you’ll find the right one!


All of our experts are passionate bikers themselves. They are well informed and always have a good advice for you.

Best Brands

Do you want a certain brand? Actually, that’s secondary, although we have the coolest brand on the bike market.

Plenty of choice: MTB, road Bike, Trekking Bike, Kid’s Bike

No matter, which bike you are looking for, at our Bike Point Maria Alm, you’ll definitely find it.

Before the season starts we are searching for the absolute highlights of the current season. We won’t stop searching until we can present you the best brands, coolest trends and real highlights.

Whatever you want – mountain bike, enduro bike, road bike or trekking bike – our local experts always have a super tip for you.

“Electrified“ – for more Power on your Tours and Trails

If you are fans of innovation, technology and flow, you will never use anything else again but an e-bike, on your way to work, on bike paths or single trails. Test first, buy later – our Test & Buy option enables you to find the best e-bike for you. Know-how and customer advice are very import when buying an e-bike, and you get all this at our Bike Point. We sell only selected e-bikes from TOP brands, which we also ride ourselves, that’s for sure!

Fashion, Accessory, Safety

Bikers need more than just the bike itself. If you want to start a (mountain bike) tour you need further equipment: a rucksack, a pair of cycling shoes, a helmet and several layers of high-quality Lycra on your skin.

We won’t let you start your tour if the equipment list is not completed. What else do you need? Visit us at Bike Point Maria Alm and find it out.

The Coolest Brands under the Sun

Bike is not bike. Some brands are cool for the one guy, but a no-go for others. Therefore it’s important to have plenty of choice. Fortunately, we at Bike Point Maria Alm offer a lot of different brands. No matter what you are looking for, thanks to a wide product range we find something to your taste. You don’t have an overview of the numbers of brands? Our local experts help you.

TOP Bike Brands at Bike Point


TIP: Bike Point Ergo-Package

We offer a special ergo-package for bikers who don’t spend every day on the bike, covering hundreds of metres in altitude. A higher handlebar, a soft saddle, a bike stand – our ergo-package offers our customers a lot of comfort and simplification.

The price for mountain bikes and e-bikes that are equipped with this package is € 149.99. Book right now!


TIP: this Is what You Really Need when You Go Biking:

  • Helmet (open-face helmets or full-face helmets, dependent on use)
  • Sunglasses: pay attention to good wind and UV protection
  • Cool tricots and colourful trousers – it’s all about good sitting
  • Shoes for perfect power transmission – “click in“ or not, that’s a personal opinion
  • A rucksack for transporting your equipment – size and design vary
  • A sports bottle or drinking bubble on your back – opinions differ on this question
  • Cycling gloves – fingerless gloves for bicycle racers, full-finger gloves for endurists
  • Tools, extra inner tube, mini tool set, energy nutrition
  • What is missing on our list?

That’s what our Expert Says:

 “Bike Point Maria Alm definitely fulfils my idea of a perfect bike shop: a scene hotspot with all the trimmings that a bike shop needs. Best brands meet competent consulting, e-bike meets road bike and you find high-quality service at a location, where everybody feels that he is in good hands. I’m looking forward to meeting you at Bike Point Maria Alm!“

Hans Seifert – passionate road bicycle racer and mountain biker chief executive INTERSPORT Maria Alm

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If you really want to find a new bike right now that is economically priced, however, one of the best, then visit Bike Point Maria Alm as soon as possible or arrange an appointment for your personal consultation. Call us at: +43 6584 2119. See you on your bike!