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Skifahrer und Snowboarderin

Ski Service.

Perfectly Serviced, for a Maximum of Performance in the Snow

Badly serviced skis and snowboards aren’t really funny – the strain is high and the ski is difficult to control, especially when the snow conditions are bad.

Skiers with perfectly serviced skis or snowboards definitely notice a difference. The edges grip, the base is fast – best control in all (snow) situations.

When and how often is a ski service required?

How often your equipment needs to get a service depends on several factors. It depends on snow conditions, terrain on which you ski, and personal level of performance. However, there is one basic rule: greater damages on base or edges should be repaired immediately.

Service START

Before you start your first skiing day: we remove rust from the edges and prepare the base for the first use on snow.

Service ON-GOING

After 6 days on the slopes. We repair smaller and greater damages on base and edges for a better performance.

Service END

At the end of the winter season. The ski gets fit for the summer pause. An extra wax layer protects the edges from corrosion.

Race ready with leading technology

We are working with a ski and snowboard service line, as you may know it from the Formula 1. We consider every piece of sports equipment as a high professional contest material.

The material gets sharpened and polished by four stones and it gets waxed, so it fits every snow condition. Every ski and every snowboard leaves our ski service station “race ready“. That’s an advantage for beginners: a perfectly serviced ski saves strain and energy. Our ski service – for a maximum of power in the snow!

Prices Ski Service

Small serviceSkis get plane, and structured, edges get polished and waxed.€ 31.00€ 39.00
Big serviceSkis get plane, and structured, edges get polished and waxed. Large areas of the base are repaired. This kind of service is necessary when the skis are badly damaged and the edges are rusty.€ 42.00€ 54.00
Hot wax by machine€ 7.00€ 11.00
Hot wax by Done with a flatiron and a lot of love!€ 15.00€ 20.00
Installing ski binding€ 29.00
Electronic adjusting of ski binding€ 29.00
Manual adjusting of ski binding€ 12.00
Kids ski service small€ 19.00
Kids ski service large€ 31.00

Advantages of Ski Service

  • Perfect edge grip thanks to grinded edges
  • Maximum speed thanks to best wax
  • Perfect handling on all snow conditions
  • Good control even under difficult conditions
  • Safety thanks to perfect adjusting of ski binding
  • Endurance of material and functionality over years
  • Professional preparation for summer thanks to conservation

That’s what our Expert Says:

 “If you have ever felt the difference between a badly serviced ski and one that has just left our service-line, you know what we are talking about. The edge grip of a serviced ski is simply awesome and it helps you manoeuvring it stylish and safe through all kinds of snow. That’s how skiing is most fun!“

Thomasworkshop manager and ski service expert

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If your skis need to be serviced, please leave them to professionals. If you think that your skis and snowboards should go through our service-line, then arrange an appointment and call us at: +43 6584 2119. See you on the slopes!