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Ski Boot Fitting.

Where is the shoe pinching? Nowhere, thanks to boot fitting!

Pressure sores, cold feet due to bad fitting ski boots – that was yesterday. Formerly, bad fitting ski boots regularly spoiled wonderful skiing days. However, at INTERSPORT Maria Alm all this belongs to the past.

Our ski boot fitting experts exactly know, how your ski boots perfectly fit your feet!

Individually Fitted

Every foot needs an individual fitting. No ski boot fits every foot. Inner shoe and shell need to be fitted everyone individually.

Latest Technology

Latest technology at INTERSPORT Maria Alm: your feet are measured and depending on this data, the boots get fitted your feet.

A lot of Know-How

Our boot fitting experts exactly know, what to do. They profit from longstanding experience, and that’s how ski boots become perfect fitting pieces of sports equipment.

From Analysis to Fitting Boots

Take a seat at INTERSPORT Maria Alm. Our boot fitting experts are already waiting for your feet. Did you recently buy new ski boots and you want them to get fitted individually? Then you have to visit INTERSPORT Maria Alm.

Or have you decided to order some top serviced rental skis online? Then you definitely should get perfectly fitting ski boots, too. What are you waiting for?

Atomic Skischuhe

That’s how Boot Fitting Works

At first, your feet get measured and characterized. A first, important step to your perfect ski boot is an individually fitted inner sole, which makes sure that you feel tight and safe in the ski boot. Afterwards, your inner shoe gets heated and when it has totally cooled down, it has to exact form of your feet.

NIf necessary, the shell itself gets fitted, too, so that really everything is fine for your feet.

Skischuhe Anprobe

Advantages of Boot Fitting

  • Perfect fit of inner shoe and shell
  • Optimised connection between feet and skis
  • Very good power transmission and safety on snow
  • No pressure sores, no pain, less cold feet
  • All rental ski boots are fitted individually
  • In case of buying, BOOT FITTING INCLUSIVE!

That’s what our Expert Says:

“Never again pinching shoes and pain while skiing. Thanks to our top modern boot fitting stations you can enjoy the snow the whole day long, no matter, where you are in our skiing area. You find boot fitting stations of INTERSPORT Maria Alm always in the close proximity. You can always count on the know-how and experience of our staff. Visit us at INTERSPORT Maria Alm!“

Hansshop manager hardware and boot fitting expert

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If you’re interested in perfect fitting ski boots and if you don’t want to wait any longer for a well fitting boot and best service?

Then book your rental skis and the fitting boots online now, call us at: +43 6584 2119, and arrange an appointment for boot fitting. See you in the mountains!