Bike Service.

Perfectly Serviced when You Are on Bike Paths, Tours or Trails

If you have done bike tours with a bad serviced mountain bike, you definitely know what we are talking about, when we say “it’s more fun if your bike is perfectly serviced“. Misaligned shifting system, squealing brakes or noncircular wheels – these are all fun killers.

Except for the safety aspect of a top-serviced and working brake system – a regular bike service is a must! Enter your service date right now!

Longstanding experience

Our service technicians are real experts on bike service. They all love bike sports and practise themselves and therefore know exactly what’s important.

Know-how and technology

In our workshops we exclusively work with the latest and best tools. We undergo further training and have the answer to every question.

Short waiting time

When you have arranged a service appointment you don’t have to wait for a long time to get back a serviced bike. However, if it comes to waiting time, we’d love to get you a coffee.

Qualified Service – Quick Help

Nothing is too complex for the staff in our workshops. Our team consists of experienced bike technicians, who know what they are doing.

High-technology e-bikes, complex sprung endure bikes or sensitive racing cycles – it doesn’t matter which kind of bike you bring to us, we can take any challenge. Servicing the brake system, shifting system or detailed servicing of the suspension fork and dampers – we have the right know-how.

TIP: All this Is Part of our Bike Service:

  • Checking and adjusting the shifting system for top function
  • Checking and adjusting the brake system – safety
  • Checking all screws if the torque is right
  • If necessary, checking the lighting system and reflectors
  • Checking and, if necessary, tighten headset
  • Checking tyre pressure, checking if the tyres are damaged
  • Checking of the Bowden and cables if they’re damaged and, if necessary, replace them
  • Checking the wheel’s concentricity and function
  • Checking the chain incl. oiling it, or replacing it when it is run down
  • Checking the function of the suspension fork and, if necessary, dampers

Bike Service-Prices Summer 2021

  • Bike Service CHILDREN
    € 29.99
  • Bike Service SMALL
    € 39.99
  • Bike Service MEDIUM
    € 59.99
  • Bike Service LARGE
    € 119.99
  • Bike Service X-LARGE
    € 219.99
  • E-Bike Service MEDIUM
    € 74.99
  • E-Bike Service LARGE
    € 134.99
  • E-Bike Service X-LARGE
    € 234.99
  • Replacing the brake shoes
    from € 20.00
  • Centring the wheel
    from € 15.00
  • Replacing the chain
    from € 35.00
  • Replacing the inner tube
    from € 15.00
  • Sticking a tyre
    from € 20.00
  • Replacing the handlebar tape
    from € 20.00
  • Replacing the wheel spoke (incl. centring)
    from € 20.00
  • Suspension fork service
    from € 125.00
  • Damper service
    from € 125.00
  • Dropper post service
    from € 99.00
  • E-Bike software update
    € 25.00
  • Battery test (3 hrs.)
    € 20.00

One working minute costs € 1.50 (10 minutes cost € 15.00, etc.)

That’s what our expert on bike service says:

 “It doesn’t matter how long, how fast or how steep you bike. The most important thing is that you bike! Our expert team at Bike Point Maria Alm makes sure that your bike is perfectly serviced for your trip into the mountains. Contact us and arrange a service appointment!“

Hans Seifert – passionate road bicycle racer and mountain biker chief executive INTERSPORT Maria Alm

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